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Deluxe Edition. Twenty-five copies will be hand-bound by Sarah Creighton with 26 mint stamps designed by Rudolph Ruzicka, W.A. Dwiggins, Bradbury Thompson, Lester Beall, Herb Lubalin, Charles Coiner, Georg Olden, Thomas Geismar, Herbert Bayer, Ivan Chermayeff, Leonard Baskin, Alvin Eisenman, George Tscherny, Chris Pullman, Rudolph de Harak, Saul Bass, April Greiman, and Paul Davis. Alas, the Deluxe Edition is out of print.


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Postage Stamps by AIGA Medalists. Since 1920 the American Institute of Graphic Arts has been awarding its AIGA Medals “to individuals who have set standards of excellence over a lifetime of work or have made individual contributions to innovation within the practice of design.” To date, 155 designers have been awarded Medals; only a handful have designed government-issued postage stamps. This is their story.

The Stamp Designers
Josef Albers
Leonard Baskin
Saul Bass
Herbert Bayer
Lester Beall
Lucian Bernhard
Ivan Chermayeff
Seymour Chwast
Thomas M. Cleland
Charles Coiner
Paul Davis
W.A. Dwiggins
Alvin Eisenman
Thomas Geismar
Milton Glaser
April Greiman
Rudolph de Harak
Armin Hofmann
Herb Lubalin
Georg Olden
Chris Pullman
Rudolph Ruzicka
Bradbury Thompson
George Tscherny

Postage Stamps by AIGA Medalists contains seventy-six full-color illustrations, reproducing every known stamp designed by an AIGA Medalist (with the exception of Bradbury Thompson for whom only a handful of his 100+ stamps are shown). Also shown are related items by Bruce Rogers, Jan Tschichold, and Saul Steinberg. A brief essay by Michael Russem explains why these stamps are relevant to graphic designers and how they fit into the history of (mostly) American postage stamp design in the twentieth century.

See some sample spreads from the book here.

The Kat Ran Essays in Philatelics is a series meant to focus on the overlooked philatelic work of type and graphic designers. Designing the Mentoring Stamp by Lance Hidy was the first title in this series. Notes on Postage Stamps by Eric Gill was the second. Fourth book? Philatelic Atrocities by Niko Courtelis. Future titles will focus on Wim Crouwel, Jan Van Krimpen, Sem Hartz, Leonard Baskin, and W.A. Dwiggins. To learn more about our stamp-related projects, visit our collection of postage stamps by type designers.

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