The Ephemera Club is on a temporary hiatus as we get the next year of pieces in order. You can rest assured that we are serious about working on it—and for proof we offer this very prominent page on our website. If we weren’t serious, we would have buried this somewhere.

But what the heck is the Kat Ran Ephemera Club? you ask in italics. Read on.

After many years of development and market analysis, we founded the Kat Ran Ephemera Club in June of 2003. This carefully designed program provides each Member with a minimum of three ephemeral pieces each year. These pieces focus on a variety of subjects, including (but not limited to) typography, graphic design, type specimens, drawing, mail, dogs, decorated paper, porcupines, philatelics, sea shells, sea shores, and bookplates. All are carefully considered and designed, folded and fabricated (when necessary), and shipped along at somewhat irregular and inconsistent intervals.

As the development of each piece is carried out under extreme secrecy, we are unable to divulge what is in preparation for the the Club. However, a checklist of Year I and Year II (thus far) of the Ephemera Club follows below.

1. Portraits of Wilhelmina & George
2. A Modest Specimen of Koch Antiqua
3. A History of Printing in Andover, Massachusetts

4. A Wearable Specimen of Wilhelm Klingspor-Schrift
5. In Praise of Fine Printing

Parties interested in becoming a Member of the Kat Ran Ephemera Club should alert the staff of your intentions by contacting us via email, phone, or snail mail.