Over the 2017 Memorial Day weekend the entire staff of Kat Ran Press got together to make a little book of collages for one of their favorite and most loyal clients: Bill Corbett of Pressed Wafer.

We recently sat down with the staff to ask them about Nine Collages for Bill Corbett.

Q. Why’d you do this?
A. Just for kicks—and to see what could be done.
Q. Will you do this sort of thing again?
A. Maybe. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.
Q. Bill Corbett is also a Kat Ran poet, right?
A. That’s true. One can buy a copy of his 2012 book here.
Q. I’ve a copy of that book. Should I buy the new book?
A. Probably.
Q. What sort of text is in this Nine Collages book?
A. No text. Just 9 collages + title page + colophon. Short + sweet.
Q. That is short and sweet. How big are the collages?
A. They’re small, too. They’re each about 1.5 x 1 inch.
Q. Why so small?
A. It’s easier to fall in love with something intimate and small.
Q. Interesting. Is that why your staff is so small?
A. Exactly.


5 × 7 inches. 16 pages. Full-color illustrations.